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Melloware Inc.

Melloware was started in 1999 as a place to put our applications that we found filled a need that was missing in the marketplace. We think it is both creative and useful software that someone else should have written, but did not!

Our Code

“The most successful method of programming is to begin a program as simply as possible, test it, and then add to the program until it performs the required job.” – PDP8 handbook, Pg9-64

Our Disclaimer

Most of our software is open source (except iPhone/Android applications). It has been developed in our own free time and no one is paying us to do it. Anything you find here was developed because we had a specific need for it. Our goal is to build software that is useful, creative, fun, and lightweight. We strive our best to make a quality product and stand behind it. Donations are very much appreciated! Please use the contact info on the right if you have any questions, concerns, bugs reports, or suggestions.

Thanks for visiting melloware.com!

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