PlacesBar Editor

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Tweak custom places of Windows open dialogs

Why Microsoft didn't include a utility like this we will never know....

What is PlacesBar Editor?

PlacesBar Editor is a software program that fills a need Lightswitch Microsoft left behind. Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista and Office dialogs have 5 buttons on the left hand Outlook-style bar known as the PlacesBar. This utility allows you to change them to be any folder you want. Why Microsoft didn’t include a utility like this we will never know….

If you would like to add your own folder to the Places Bar (seen in the File/Open and File/Save or SaveAs dialogs), you can do this by editing the Windows Registry or using PlacesBar Editor. This convenient utility prevents you from accidentally messing up your registry and simultaneously updates all version of Office installed.

Why use PlacesBar Editor?

  • Prevents errors editing the registry
  • Convenient to edit all places in one application rather than digging through the registry
  • Increases productivity allowing you to put often used folders on the places bar
  • Simple user interface allows customization of 5 Windows places and 10 Office places
  • Only one EXE roughly 900K in size
  • Compatible with Vista User Access Control and asks for Administrative permission

What does it look like?

Customize the 5 Windows Dialog places.

PlacesBar Windows Editor

PlacesBar Windows Editor

Customize the 5 extra Office Dialog places.

PlacesBar Office Editor

PlacesBar Office Editor

Now the Office Open-Save As dialog has your new custom places.

Office Open Dialog

Office Open Dialog

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