MediaMonkey DACP Server

MediaMonkey control at your fingertips!

Don't be a slave to your PC anymore, rock out from anywhere in your house!

What is MonkeyTunes?

MonkeyTunes is a Digital Audio Control Protocol (DACP) Server for MediaMonkey to allow remote control of your music anywhere in your house. Digital Audio Control Protocol (DACP) is the protocol used by ITunes, except I don’t use ITunes, I use the wonderful MediaMonkey for my huge music collection of over 70,000 songs. I originally wrote my own iPhone client called iMonkey but it could never stand up to the features of Apple Remote for Itunes. MonkeyTunes now bridges the gap giving the full power and beauty of the Apple Remote with the power of MediaMonkey! Non-Apple users are not left out in the cold as compatible DACP client for Google Android, Windows Phone, and Nokia Symbian are also available.

The purpose of this program is simple: to allow control of your MediaMonkey from your mobile device with the touch of a finger.

Note: MonkeyTunes is commercial software that is available as a 20 use trial version before purchase. The product is fully usable and functional until your trial period expires. You can receive the full uncrippled version by using Paypal or Google Checkout to purchase from our Ordering page.

Why use MonkeyTunes Plugin?

  • Control MediaMonkey from your mobile device.
  • No “line-of-sight” needed to control MediaMonkey which may be stored in a closet or somewhere else out of the way in your house.
  • Browse and play your ENTIRE MediaMonkey library from your mobile device!
  • You have a severe dislike of ITunes.
  • You are already using MediaMonkey so now you can take it to the next level.
  • Hosting a party? DJ it it right from your iPhone/iPod Touch without your partygoers getting their hands on your playlist. Ruining your mojo!

What does it look like?

Below are screenshots from MonkeyTunes on iOS and Android



First you begin the pairing process from your device to let MonkeyTunes know you want to connect.
MonkeyTunes iOS Pairing MonkeyTunes Android Pairing
In MediaMonkey select your device and enter the pairing code to give your device permission to connect.  
After connecting you now have full player control over MediaMonkey. Play, Pause, Next, Previous, and Volume Control!
You can now browse by artist, album, and genre. You have full access to your library!
Full text search is available so you can quickly find the album or track you were looking for.


The Apple Remote on the iPad is also supported and supports even more features!

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