Complete remote control of your Home Theater PC

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Take Back Control Of Your Home Theater PC!

What is Intelliremote?

Intelliremote is a software program that gives you complete remote control of your Home Theater PC infrared or radio frequency remote and unlocks its true potential. HTPC makers have an excellent idea bundling an IR or RF remote control with their product…it’s just too bad the software included doesn’t do everything you want your remote to do!

The purpose of this program is simple: to remove any need for any custom software to control your remote, and implement and extend the full functionality of your HTPC remote in a memory efficient manner. Have you ever wanted a remote button to do one function in one application and a completely different function in another application? Now you can! Many flavors of HTPC remote are supported so please check the supported hardware list to see if the remote you own is supported.

Why use Intelliremote?

Have you tried Girder, HIP, EventGhost, or any of the other remote applications and gotten frustrated with how complicated they were to setup and use? Intelliremote take the approach of “keep it simple and stupid” to make using and customizing your remote as easy and painless as possible. Intelliremote aims to provide an experience similar to owning Apple hardware, Sony TVs and luxury German cars; things just work, they feel right and every now and again you get that “oh, it does that too? awesome!” feeling.

Intelliremote is a small executable and it packs the punch of Microsoft’s Intellitype instructions. So any application can be controlled with your remote that “listens” for Intellitype messages such as ITunes, MediaMonkey, Winamp, MediaPortal, Foobar2000, VLC, PowerDVD, JRiver MC, Windows MCE and many more! Each remote key can be assigned to an instruction, a mouse event, application event, or even a windows automation script. If you have an IR Blaster you can control your TV and home theater equipment too!

What does it look like?

Intelliremote sits nicely in the tray awaiting a signal from the remote control

Intelliremote sits nicely in the tray awaiting a signal from the remote control

Intelliremote blinks when a remote signal has been received

Intelliremote blinks when a remote signal has been received

Intelliremote Main Window

Customize any of the remote control keys with this simple user interface. Each remote key can execute either a key event, a mouse event, or run an application. In this screenshot the ‘Select OK’ button on the remote has been mapped to start the Windows Notepad application.

Intelliphone Mobile Application

Intelliphone mobile client is a native iOS/Android application that allows you to control your home theatre PC running Windows. Since the iOS/Android device uses a network connection it does not need “line-of-sight” like traditional infrared remotes and you can use it anywhere in or out of your house! Intelliphone also acts as a wireless keyboard and mouse so you can get rid of those in your living room HTPC setup and just use your iOS/Android device since you always have that on you!



When the application is running you can control anything on your PC from Intelliremote with this 56 button remote including all 48 buttons of the Standard MCE Remote
Intelliremote iPhone Main Intelliremote Android Main
From the Settings application on the device just enter the IP Address and Port of the server you want to connect to.
Intelliremote iOS Settings Intelliremote Android Settings
Click the keyboard icon to turn your device into a wireless keyboard. Type text and those exact keystrokes will be typed in Windows. Bring up Notepad if you don’t believe me!
Intelliremote iOS Keyboard Intelliremote Android Keyboard
Click the mouse icon to turn your device into a wireless mouse. Slide your finger around on the screen to move the mouse on the PC. Left, Middle, and Right button click and double tapping the screen will trigger a double-click on the PC!
Intelliremote iOS Mouse Intelliremote Android Mouse
The Info window allows you to change Zones quickly or click on our email address to send us an email!
Intelliremote iOS Info Intelliremote Android Info

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