EventGhost iOS Client

Did you get your Apple in my Microsoft, or did I get my Microsoft in your Apple? (1980's tv commercial)

What is EventPhone?

EventPhone is an EventGhost Client for iOS devices that allows you to control your home theatre PC running Windows. Because Apple iOS devices use a network connection it does not need “line-of-sight” like traditional infrared remotes and you can use it anywhere in or out of your house! You already use EventGhost for your home automation needs, now go the extra step and hide your PC in the closet and control everything from your iOS device!

Why use EventPhone?

  • Complete control of all your Windows applications from your iOS device.
  • No “line-of-sight” needed to control your Home Theatre PC which may be stored in a closet or somewhere esle out of the way in your house.
  • You are already using EventGhost to control your home automation such as X10 or high end stereo receiver. Take it to the next level.
  • Virtual Keyboard to give you another 93 possible EventGhost events to respond to.
  • Finally make Apple and Microsoft play nicely together. Can’t we all just get along?

What does it look like?

When the application is running you can control anything on your PC from EventPhone with this 56 button remote including all 48 buttons of the Standard MCE Remote.

You can bring up a virtual keyboard by pressing the keyboard icon at the bottom of the screen and all keyboard keys send unique events to EventGhost to give you 93 more EventGhost events to respond to!

From the Settings application on the iPhone just enter the IP Address and Port of the Windows PC running EventGhost Server you want to connect to. Make sure you do not have a firewall blocking Port 1025. See Connection Issues FAQ

System Requirements